How to start a intro to a summary essay?

How to start a intro to a summary essay?
How can i start my intro to my summary essay? Where do i begin?

Well you need to start off with a hook or “attention grabber”. When you have a hook the reader will be more willing to read your essay.
The hook should be ;
-Some sort of startling information. EX: “The girl lay flat on the floor with no sudden movement as the car sped off into the night.”
– or it can be some sort of dialogue. EX: “He’s the one who ran over the girl that lays lifeless before you!”

The second part of your paragraph should be one to two sentences either explaining the hook or something leading to your thesis.

The last part of your intro should also only be one to two sentences. The thesis. This is where you explain what your essay will be about in a short summary. Or if you’re writing about a book, state the moral of the story.

keep in mind your intro should not be longer than Four to Five sentences.