How to start a love essay?

How to start a love essay?
I’m having trouble starting off an essay on the topic of love – one of the most hardest genres to discuss.

Would people please help me! I have no idea how i should start off

What is love? Love can be a young child with a puppy, or love can be two people who want to share their life together. When you tell your mate, “I love you”, does it come from the heart or off the top of your head? If you are in love with someone, does it feel like when you are not with them, they are always on your mind? If you say you love the ocean, it may mean that you hold it dearly in your heart and think pleasant thoughts of it even when you are not close to it. If you tell your Grandmother that you love her, maybe it means that if she was not living that you would miss her very much. Even the most dangerous criminals have love in their heart, for someone or some thing. Showing a picture can sometimes be easier to explain love, than by trying to explain it in words. Even the farm raised hog can have have love inside them. They “love” to have their backs scratched. They love to roll in mud. Love is in the air, according to some popular songs.Some guys love their trucks, and some women love their clothes. What we don’t love, are our enemies.But there are some who love to go to war. There are some who love to cause pain, and there are some who love to make us laugh. Finally, there are some who love to read and there are some who love to write.