How to start a personal essay?

How to start a personal essay?
I’m back to school after 2 years of graduating High School. Completely blank and have no idea how to start this personal essay about something that’s important to us like a hobby. Came up with Skyrim. This needs to be about 3-4 pages and Have no idea how to stretch this out or start it. Looking for tips and/or ways to structure this.

“TALOS IS LOVE TALOS IS LI-… Sorry I’ve been playing Skyrim recently. What? You don’t know what Skyrim is? It’s just about the greatest hobby a person can have! It’s a game made by Bethesda Game studios in 2011. It is the fifth installment of the elderscolls games and I think everyone can agree it’s the best. Now let me explain why.” That would be my introduction paragraph. Maybe a few more lines but I don’t want to right your entire essay you. I would go into depth about how it entertains, key factors, some story(but not too much), how it’s influenced people etc.