How to start a Personal Narrative?

How to start a Personal Narrative?
Writing a normal personal narrative is easy, you just write about yourself. But on this essay we I have to answer 7 questions. A couple of them are :

What is a recent movie you have enjoyed and what did you like about it?
What is your favorite book?
What would the title of a book about your life be?

These are questions that a normal Personal Narrative wouldn’t answer.

How am I supposed to fit this into my essay? Better yet, how do I start off?

Set your personal narrative in a simple situation, such as taking a bus for your first day of school. Write your thoughts as you go about this journey, and find ways of linking the questions together in a way that would mimic thought process.

Whilst getting on the bus, you notice a poster for the movie you saw recently. Describe the film and what interested you about it. Perhaps compare it to another film you like.

Maybe one of these films is based on a book – have you read the book version? Did you like it? Books have certain advantages over films, such as being able to gain greater insight into the characters’ thoughts and desires. This is also true for [your favourite book], which was good because of this and XYZ other reasons).

(Try and use your observations about these books and films to give information about you and your own life along the way – e.g., “the film in question featured a dog called Bobby…I always thought that pets should have more adventurous names than humans. I tried to convince my mother to let us name our guinea pig The Incredible Hulk as a joke because it was so small and puny, but she called me immature and insisted it be unimaginatively christened ‘Brownie’…I know my Dad would have backed me up, but he’s fighting in the army overseas for the next 8 months, which is probably why my mother has no sense of humour these days…”)

Link the book thoughts to autobiographical books. Have you read any lately? Is there a particular person whose autobiography you’d like to read, a hero of yours? Why do you admire them? How similar is your life to theirs? What would your autobiography be called? You could link any thoughts that come from these comments to the setting of your narrative, in this case traveling to your first day of school and your hopes/anxieties about it.