How to start a Reflective Essay?

How to start a Reflective Essay?
ok im in 8th and I’m suppose to reflect on how i feel about yearboook so far since I chose the class. I have no idea how to start it or end it and I’m suppose to write 4 pages of it. Please help Right Away!!!

Okay, play 21 questions with yourself.

Did you think the yearbook was good or bad. You thought the yearbook was bad.

Why did you think the yearbook was bad. Because you the year book had nothing interesting in it.

What do you mean it had nothing interesting in it? Well It had only pictures of students and no events or anything else in it.

What major events would you like to have seen in the yearbook? How about the time the school wrestling team won nationals.

Keep this up for ten to fifteen minutes and you’ll have enough material to write a small book.