How to start a soccer essay?

How to start a soccer essay?
How can I start of a essay about soccer. And it’s history and stuff. Give an example please thanks (:

Hi joel, here you have an example:Essay On Soccer In Madurai

It was through soccer, as usual, that I made my first connections in India. And, as usual, I had brought a soccer ball with me, this time deflated in my stuffed bag. I pumped it up with the help of a neighborhood bike repairman. He set up shop in the spotty shade of a scraggy bush next to the main road, sitting on a rock until a customer came.
With a newly full ball in tow, I walked through my immediate neighborhood of mud huts and cement houses juggling the ball in the air, hoping to initiate some sort of interaction. No sooner had I gone twenty yards, when a flock of young kids surrounded me, excitedly yammering in Tamil, a language which, at that point, I had yet to learn. There was a miniscule girl with short-cropped hair, who looked so small that I guessed she had just learned to walk, but could nonetheless run and speak. She even knew some English. The rest of the gang were older, though also barefoot, dirty and bright eyed. None of them had ever seen a white person before.