How to start an comparative essay of two books?

How to start an comparative essay of two books?
HI everyone!

I am wrtiting a compartive essay of two book. I have my thesis and body paras, but I don’t have an introduction and conclusion… I don’t know what or how to write…

Please help me a little.
I am not asking you to write one for me that’s why i haven’t given the names of the books, but just how to start my intro…

Well, since you already have your thesis and main arguments, it will be easy! In your introduction, give your thesis statement and all of your main arguments. Make sure the arguments are in separate sentences. If there’s any background or context you need to set for either of the books, do that. For instance, “____ is a book that focuses on the theme of ____, while _____ is about _____” or something like that. The introduction is really just an overview of the essay, so since you have everything else the introduction will be easy! 🙂