how to start an essay?

how to start an essay?
what are better first sentences for these essays following:
1) what is your opinion on the issue?
2) do you agree or disagree?
3) discuss the reasons for this and suggest some solutions.
(sample issues: death penalty; juvenile delinquency; environmental pollution; funding space exploration; gap year; etc.

could you please provide some sentences that are suitable for all the situations. such as:
“there is always going to be a discussion about ….”
“… is one of the most serious problems facing many government”

You start an essay by GRABBING the reader’s interest!! (This first ATTENTION-GRABBING sentence is also known as a hook).

What the word “essay” actually means is a “try”. It’s trying and thinking and working new ideas out. That’s why an essay is centered around an argument, a hypothesis, a solution, an idea, a THESIS.

This is YOUR THESIS. This is your try. This is your ponderings and wonderings. and suggestions and exclamations…


Now go make some brilliant, inspiring essay!!!

Now listen, I didn’t pay much attention to what you wrote below your main question because I did not clearly understand it. And an essay is as much about being clear and smooth and flowy as it is about being a thoughtful proposition. What you wrote could be incorporated into your essay, but it has to be done smoothly – with a hook leading into some background info leading into your thesis and detail points. It has to be done with transitions.

Okeedokes, have fun!