How to start an essay….?

How to start an essay….?
I have an essay due Monday and it’s Friday! I know I have all weekend but I haven’t even started it and it needs to be typed and all! It’s on science and I have to have 5 paragraphs on the continental drift theory by Alfred Wegner. I have all 5 paragraphs thought out: opening, Glosspteris, Spitsbergen Island, Limestone Deposits, and closing. I also have all the information I need about these three topics but I don’t understand how to start the opening or closing! This is a big problem!! Also I don’t know how I am going to begin my 3 main paragraphs! ADVICE is greatly appreciated!!

Hi, Munchkin!

It sounds like you’re having trouble with your topic sentences. For informative papers, such as yours, you’ll want to think in terms of significance.

What is significant about “glosspteris” and continental drift theory? How do they connect?

What is significant about Spitsbergen Island and CDT?

Likewise for limestone deposits.

For your introduction, it’s helpful to think about significance, too. When did Wegner come up with this theory? Why is the CDT significant at all? How has it manifested? How has it changed the world of science?

For your conclusion, you’ll want to consider this question: Who cares? Who cares about CDT and all this stuff? What difference does it make?

I hope this helps!