how to start an essay?

how to start an essay?
im doing an essay on john logie baird and always find it hard to create an interesting intro, for the intro we have been instructed to say who your going to talk about and to avoid talking about yourself .
The essay is to be at least six pages long and include : early life, journey,time in the country they emigrated to, how they were known and their legacy .

hope someone can help 🙂

Hi Tazzy,

the intro should be about why you’ve chosen this guy and what are you trying to discover about him. If you were writing about Darwin, for instance, you could say that it’s a very contemporary subject because of all the creationistic nonsense that’s been going around, but that you’d like to explore Darwin’s own religious views. Something like that. You have to convince your audience that you’re right to write about your subject because it’s very interesting.

If it’s such a long essay, a brief summary can also be included in the introduction, ie, I’m first going to analyse how Darwin’s early life influenced his research; in a second time, I will look at… etc

Good luck with your homework! 🙂