How to start an essay?

How to start an essay?
I am doing an essay on something i believe / think about something
i need to start each paragragh with something other than i believe and i think
Any ideas

I take an advanced English class, and one thing that my teacher seems to like is when I start my essay with an anecdote (an interesting, brief account of events). This is usually a story from your own life, and it would be used to provide an example or reason for why you believe/think what you are going to present/argue in this essay. It acts as a hook for the reader (an aspect that will interest them in what you have to say from then on) and it will support what you are presenting/arguing. In opinionative pieces like this, giving reasons or examples for your feelings or opinions is a good approach. It gives the reader common ground to stand on.

Do NOT start your essay with a question. Teachers hate it, and it shows an uncontrolled/immature/clique approach to writing that becomes an annoyance for readers.