How to start an essay?

How to start an essay?
My topic is this:

Each generation has something valuable to offer.

I always have tough time starting an essay! Please give me some pointers or tips. Thanks.

Hm… That’s a nice topic, depending on what it is for that is how I personally would start it off. If it is informative i would start it out with a quote. Some classes say that doing that is a HUGE no no, but oh well, if you can find a quote that is related to that i would start it like that. I did a psych paper on human progress and mentality, it was informative/persuasive and i opened with the quote
“Who we are is a stepping stone to what we become….” This is a quote that would properly demonstrate the strength of the human mind, and will power it would entail, nothing is ever definite with a human, we see that the mind, the human, and the spirit is ever changing within itself to better define ones self, to push ones self, and to be ones self to what the mind, the conciseness wants it to be.”

or you can open with a series of examples as to what each generation has accomplished and then leave our generation or the next generation with a rhetorical question, then start your background information and finally your thesis entailing the format of your essay. IT strongly depends on the style you wish to write in, your target audience, and what you are most comfortable writing, i.e. Opinion, Synthesis, etc.

But those are probably the two that would most grasp your audiences attention. A few other tips:
Don’t Be afraid to use rhetorical devices to catch your audiences attention, be a fan imagery and good historical examples.
Keep your syntax and your pronoun agreements in check, i screw up on those frequently.
Don’t be afraid to be risky, it cant hurt as long as you know what You are doing.
Lastly take it easy, and have fun with it, if you need too throw on some pajamas, some slow tunes and think on a good opening, or write a tiny story to help get rid of the writers block.

For some help with writing i would suggest the book “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lomott she gives some good insights that I found useful.