How to start my college admission essay?

How to start my college admission essay?
I am trying to start my college admission essay and I’m completely stuck! I chose the topic (Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.) I want to be a Pediatrician but I need to know how the statistics and percentage of Female Pediatrician’s there are in the United States! I Just Need Help! Somebody Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

how many female pediatricians are there in the united states?

This is a start on a college admission essay that has two purposes related to life goal and your college of international concern about the effectiveness and number of female pediatricians vs. male pediatricians.

On average, female physicians in all specialties do not work as many hours per week as male physicians. This is an issue of particular interest to the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Pediatric Workforce (COPW) and its Subcommittee on Women in Pediatrics. “Productivity,” a term that is open to multiple interpretations, is measured in a variety of ways. Using AAP Periodic Survey data, productivity was analyzed for general pediatricians working in typical primary care practice settings.

Female pediatricians are women, to be sure, but they’ree more likely than their male counterparts to be single and childless. Among those under age 45, 16 percent of female and 6 percent of male pediatricians are single. Of pediatricians under age 45, 28 percent of women are childless, compared with 10 percent of men. Of pediatricians aged 45 and older, 12 percent of women are childless, versus just 3 percent of men. Female pediatricians who are mothers also have fewer children than their male counterparts. Fifty-six percent of male pediatricians have three or more children, nearly twice the 32 percent of women doctors with big families.

In comparing the hours worked of the 6,711 general pediatricians who answered AAP Periodic Surveys between 1992 and 1998, data revealed that female pediatricians, like their counterparts in other specialties, worked fewer hours per week than did their male colleagues. Female pediatricians averaged 40.4 hours in direct patient care activities, versus 49.7 hours worked by male pediatricians. When comparing total hours per week worked, female pediatricians averaged 44 hours compared to 54 hours worked by male pediatricians. Good luck.