How to start my college essay for lim?

How to start my college essay for lim?
there asking me Why do you believe LIM is a good match for you and what sets LIM apart from other colleges you have investigated? so how how would i start this?

Never heard of LIM or ever had to write an essay for admittance to get into a college.

But if pressed and you want to attend the college it is simple–

1. Write about the tradition that the college stands for, and what you hope to get by going there.

2. If there are any outstanding courses they are known for emphasis that .

3. In a way it is a compare and contrast essay, apparently they suspect that you have the option of choosing other colleges, so why LIM and not those others?

4. Remember for comparison and contrasting essays, state the weakest arguments first and end with the strongest point.

5. If any relatives of yours graduated from LIM then it is a bonus.

So, you need to do your homework. You need at least two other colleges that you can compare LIM with. You need to know why LIM is one college worth attending.

6. Have a HS counselor or english teacher review your application.