how to start my college essay for uconn?

how to start my college essay for uconn?
i need help writing the intro for my uconn essay…. so can u guys help me…. THX for the help

the Topic is

Please describe what makes you a unique individual and how these qualities can benefit the University of Connecticut community.
Describe a person or event that has had a profound effect upon your life.
Ask and answer the one question you wish we had asked.

OMG i’m totally applying here too. lol good luck with this essay i have no idea what i’m writing about i wrote one for university of hartford but lol i don’t think its gonna work out OHHh well!! Deadline for this application is i’m thinking Dec 1 idk Wait are those two different questions or just one altogether. The one about the unique individual, maybe you play some kind of sport , and you could write about how that sport changed you. Or community work that helped you see beyond the surface meaning (what not many people see). OR for the 2nd one you could write about a relative or family member but then again almost everyone does that you could do some kind of mishap that happened inside your family and how that event helped you overcome, or realize something you never thought twice about. Sorry its all over the place. But hope that gave ideas . AND start your essay by saying something really catchy.