How to start my essay ?

How to start my essay ?
For part of my coursework i have to write an essay and compare the materials from two texts to each other.
I have no idea how start it though as i’m rubbish at opening sentences and introductions
Any ideas how i could ?

well, i’ve had to do this a lot too.
i’ve only just learnt how to do them, aha

i had to do one comparing two poems, here it is. it’s quite short but you don’t want it too long:

I have looked at two poems – ’Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’ and ’London’. They both portray London to their readers, yet each with their own idea of the city. This piece of writing will see how each poet has separate interpretations and how they show them to their readers. I will look at the content of the poem itself, the language techniques used and how the structure is affecting the meaning.

basically, i wrote what i was looking at, so maybe mention both the texts and maybe their authors, then say what you are doing – comparing them. say what you are going to look at – for example i looked at the language, structure etc.

hope i helped slightly, hehe (: