how to start my essay?

how to start my essay?
i have to write an interview on someone and i chose my dad, I’m stuck at how to start this essay, Maybe something like, ” i thought i knew everything there is to know bout my father, turns out i don’t.” i dunno…. can any one help? any ideas would be appreciated

Have you already interviewed your dad? If not, wait until after you do. He may say something that you can pull out as a quote to start the essay. Plus you can come up with some off-the-wall questions to ask him.

However, if you did talk to him already and can’t find a quote, try another idea. Look at your notes and see if anything stands out. Did he have a secret ambition? Did he fight in a war? Did he like to work with his hands, or did he prefer writing? Did he ever sing songs to your mother? If you could compare him to someone, who would you choose?

To give you an example, if I wrote an essay on my own father, I might start it like this:

His hands now shake at times as he tinkers with a doll-size rocking chair. Those hands have labored over many items in the house – the mule-harness mirror, the delicate violin case, the marble-top cabinet. He looks up and says he’s having trouble remembering his great granddaughter’s name. “Uh, Caitlin ,,,, I made this chair for Caitlin’s Cabbage Patch doll,” he says, then stops. “No, it’s for McKaylyn.” He shakes his head and seems bewildered as to why he can’t remember.