How to start my essay/introduction?

How to start my essay/introduction?
I’m stuck on writing the introduction for my essay. My essay’s comparing my mom’s teenage life to mine. All I have so far is that me and my mom have more differences than things in common. Please help! Any ideas? Thanks

In most cases, introductions are supposed to tell readers the subject of the essay, along with what you plan to ‘argue’ or discuss.

In this case, your essay topic is a comparison of two different types of teenage lives: your mother and yourself. I would suggest mentioning that after including a topic sentence.

Start your essay with a ‘hook’ or an interesting topic sentence that will draw readers to your text. You don’t necessarily need to include your essay conclusion in the intro paragraph.

For example, “Several aspects of teenage-hood are similar for all individuals, regardless whether those precious years are spent in the 21st century or in the past. However, every young teenager will face different experiences which are unique to each person.” Instead of saying ‘similar’, you can also say ‘different’. This is just an idea =)

And then, you may introduce yourself and your mother. Once you begin writing, ideas will link!

This article takes you step-by-step in structuring and finishing an essay:…

Hope that helps!