How to start my essay.?

How to start my essay.?
Okay so I am doing this English project and I have my thesis for my essay but I have absolutely no idea how to start it.

So heres my thesis “Romance in literature leads to unrealistic expectations in real life”

I am using the books Stone of Tears by Terry Goodking and New Moon by Stephanie Meyers if that helps at all. THANKS!

My English class teacher told the class that using a personal experience in your essays makes it better. When I read news stories, journalist do that all the time, not with their personal stories but with someone else’s who’s life was affected. So, you can perhaps start your essay about having a personal experience with unrealistic expectations during a date or with having a boyfriend. You can even make one up, which writers do all the time, too. Writers create a narrative and use a voice that’s not even theirs, and then they use ghost names on top of that. Writing is really a liberal arts endeavor where it seems that you can do just about anything. I guess the aim doesn’t have to involve honesty so much as the piece being interesting, you can just pile on fabrications to the ceiling, and it doesn’t matter.

Start like, “Charles was a nice guy who I’d known only for a week, but he became my Prince Charles.”