How to start my narrative/descriptive essay?

How to start my narrative/descriptive essay?
I’m writing an essay on me and my sister and i just need help opening it and possibly closing it. I can fill in the middle of the essay, but I’m a little stuck with the introduction.

I sort of need responses asap….

A descriptive essay isn’t going to have introductory and concluding paragraphs like they teach you to make for argumentative essays. Think of it like a scene in a movie–at the beginning, you might want to give the reader an overall picture of what you’ll be describing. If you were describing a pond, you wouldn’t necessarily start by talking about how cool the water feels around your feet (although you could, really, if you wanted to). You’d start by making it clear that you were talking about a pond, probably with just a sentence or two. Then you’d jump into the description.