How to start my narrative essay?

How to start my narrative essay?
I’m writing a narrative about a family friend who died and the memories we had…
Not good at starting intros!

start off with a happy memory that shows how important he/she is… you want to make it emotional, really grasping the imagery(auditory->sound, oldfactory->smell, visual, tactile->touch, and gustatory->taste) of the scene of when/where the memory occurred. Pull the reader in, make the reader experience the memory, too. You want the reader to feel joy and happiness from the happy memory described, sympathy and sadness for the death that you will hopefully describe(as well as how it affected you). Describe the memory in as much emotional detail as possible but don’t bore the reader by using too much detail. example:

I remember her/his shirt was the color of the blue jay that disappeared every winter, he/she and i were playing catch with a ball when all of a sudden “bonk”. I jerked around in confusion and I was met by his/her eyes. They were laughing, I almost lost control I was so annoyed. Then when I looked closer I saw, residing on his/her face, the greatest smile i had ever seen and eyes that said “I love you, but I can’t help but laugh at this absurd turn of events”…. blah blah blah
I remember her/his shirt was the color of the blue jay that disappeared every winter, her/his pants were brown with tiny pockets, and his/her shoes were brighter than the sun. (People don’t care about the strenuous details… You are writing a narrative not a novel, there is a difference)

also refrain from using fluff words such as: very, real, true/truly, obvious/obviously, clearly, pretty nicely, so
instead use: merely/simply, actually/actuality/actual, honest/honestly, (you should not used the words obvious/obviously or clearly), and you can figure out better words for “so”, “pretty”, and “nicely”.