How to start of a traveling essay?

How to start of a traveling essay?

“How to start a Travel Essay” guide:

Take a new slant. Use bold words and your own voice. Write to get your point across, whether it is the desolation that you see in the slums of a city or the clean air in the mountains. Painting vivid pictures of your surroundings will draw readers to your story.

Put yourself in the essay. Use the first person and let your own personality come through the story. Show the reader how a certain view made you feel or how the people in a new community accepted you. Showing, instead of telling, can bring life to travel essays, and make them enjoyable to read.

Be concise. Steer clear of lofty language. Instead of trying for large smart-sounding phrases, use short concise words that will get your point across more effectively.

Share the good and the bad. When you write a travel essay you need to be honest with your readers. Write about the lovely scenery, but also about the filth. Not every destination is paradise, and even if it is it isn’t always pretty through and through.

Personify your world. By bringing the buildings, trees and ocean waves to life, you can bring a creative slant to the pictures in your travel essay. The wind can sing, the waves can moan and old rustic buildings can speak to the soul.

Quote those you meet. To write a travel essay, and actually bring the place to life, it helps to include anecdotes or quotes from the locals. This helps to show the reader your destination without you having to tell them.

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