how to start off a college scholarship essay?

how to start off a college scholarship essay?
the topic has to be about myself and my career goals but I just can’t get a start on it. It only has to be 250 words but I want it to stand out and I need all the tips I cant get. Anyone have any suggestions at all. They will all be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There are times in life when a person is compelled to let sparse words speak volumes. A person might scribe a succinct passage of prose to reveal both their surreptitious and conspicuous strengths. They might lay their soul bare upon the page, like the first spring flower opening in the morning sunlight. They may compose each phrase with exorbitant words and resplendent literary devices to impress their ingenious readers. This, however, is not one of those essays.
My name is LC. I want nothing more than to be a new (insert college mascot here) next fall. Here are a few reasons why I am the best choice for (school name).

Then fill in the rest. Or make your own. Just get creative!