How to start off a paper with two countries?

How to start off a paper with two countries?
Im working on a paper about Mali and Madagscar…… one essay, how am i supposed to start it off?? Like do I start off with talking about Mali and then Mad. or …….. Mali and Madgascar are both countries in Africa?


I would suggest that you start with a general comparison of the two countries. Point out the main differences and the things that are the same about the two and where they are located in relation to each other.

Next do a part on one or the other of these countries, giving details as you have them (history, products, government, problems, future, etc.) close this part and do the next part on the other country.

Finish with a part where you summarize, and give your impressions on the information AND/OR where these countries might be going and what part they might play in the world.