How to start off an essay?

How to start off an essay?
ok, so im writing an Essay on my favorite poet (Edgar Allen poe) and i can’t come up with an Introductory paragraph. Can you please help me out with some ideas? I’m in 9th grade and in an honors class. so, yes i should be able to do this:( Thanks so much for your help.

When I write an essay intro I always use this easy format (I also tutor High School students and get them to write essays this way) . Although please note there is no correct way of writing an essay and you must write what you feel comfortable with.
1st sentence -this is optional -you could start off with a nice quote that you feel sums up the poet and is linked into answering your question.
2nd sentence. Repeat the question in statement form -this means that you will have started off by indicating to the marker that you are actually going to answer the question asked -you would be suprised how many students do not do this.
3rd sentence. Sumarise each body paragraph point -which each should provide one point answering the using indicators- firstly…., secondly…, thirdly…. etc. This helps indicate to the marker how you are going to answer the question, and should you lose your place in an exam you can flick back to the intro to see where you are going to go.
4th sentence. (if there are two parts to the essay question -which there usually is). Repeat the second part of the question in statement form.
5th sentence. Again summarise the answering points to this question using the above indicators.