How to start off my essay?

How to start off my essay?
For my English class, we have to write an essay for ‘Great Expectations for high school’.
How would I start that off? You have to write about what your goals are, what your plans are and stuff like that.
So, how would I start off my essay?

As your teacher has already explained to you in class – – the opening sentence should be used to describe the events or subject that will follow in the body of the essay.

Start with something like this:

There are two separate categories of goals in life. There are short term goals such as, “I will study hard to pass this class.” And then there are goals that are more distant but no less important. Such as, “where will I attend college.” But it’s these long term goals that are the most difficult to realize because life abides no personal goals. No matter who makes them. Often life’s circumstances make it impossible to realize our most distant goals. These goals are a little more difficult to explain because they have far reaching effects on our current daily decisions. One of my goals is to make use of my skills and talents with animals. I’ve thought seriously about becoming a veterinarian.

Now fill-in the body with what you enjoy doing and explain where it is that you plan to be in five years.

And end with this.

So, on occasion it becomes difficult to provide an answer before we fully understand the question. And it appears that life’s goals may be one of those cases.