How to start out my essay?

How to start out my essay?
This is what it’s about…
In your essay, describe a way in which your generation appears to be different than one that came before it, and explain factors that may have contributed to that difference.

Start out with a fascinating piece of information which will set the tone for the essay, and provide a brief glimpse into its’ details. Like for instance, let’s say that you were going to write about new found social tendencies of narcissism propagated by social networking sites like facebook. You would start out with a statistically backed (that part is very important. You can’t just make stuff up) statement like: “Posting to facebook is just as pleasurable on a neurological level as sex.” (Btw, check this out: However, you would of course have to rephrase that particular sentence to make it more appealing, shocking, or simply interesting. I just stated it quite plainly there.
You can write about whatever you want, but when I read your topic, my mind immediately jumped to that study, and the social implications of facebook in more general terms as well.