how to start this college essay?

how to start this college essay?
The major I am applying to is Technical System Management. But have no clue how to start the essay, any ideas on how should I start my college essay?? With a metaphor or go straight to the point??? The headline for the essay is,

“In an essay of 300 words or less, explain your motivation to transfer from your current/former institution to XXXXX and how your academic interests and/or professional goals will be fulfilled in your intended program of study”

Make your statement FACTUAL. You are not applying to learn poetry writing.

“I wish to attend xxx because I am firm in my goal to work in this field and know that xxx will prepare me well, perhaps better than other choices. I realize that being successful means that I will have to work hard and smart in my courses and I have dedicated myself to that goal.
Some people who know me feel I am very mature and goal-oriented which I know will help me do well at xxx. Further, I have a good and well-researched idea about T … S Mang… and am sure that is the field for me.
Your positive consideration will be very much appreciated.”

You could add a list of what you have already done toward this goal. Do not directly down grade your old school. Hey, a free service to you!