How to start this essay?

How to start this essay?
For my AP English 12 Pre work i have to write a 5 paragraph answering a question related to Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I’ve read the book. The question is; “Novels and plays often depict characters caught between colliding cultures- national, regional, ethnic, religious, institutional. Such collisions can call a character’s sense o identity into question. Write a well organized essay in which you describe the character’s response and explain it’s reliance to the work as a whole. HALP!

Honestly there are a lot of ways you can start an essay, but the easiest approach would be to repeat the question and answer it very briefly. But that’s not recommended. It’s uncreative, repetitive and just plain boring. And the last thing you’d want to do is to bore your teacher.

A better alternative would be to start the whole thing off with a quote. Find a relevant quote, or something you find from the book itself. (I love to do this, because I don’t have to waste a lot of brainpower. It’s not like I came up with the quote, right? And it always makes the essay look way more impressive than it originally is.)

Or you could try an anecdote. Again, it has to be relevant, and it’s going to make your essay more interesting.

Just remember to put yourself into your audience’s shoes. You might have had it rough creating this essay, but your readers don’t have to share the pain. Keep everything interesting!

good luck:)