How to start this essay?

How to start this essay?
I’m writing a paper about Lord of the Flies. More specifically, Simon, and what he represents (faith and morality).

I have no idea how to start it though. Got any ideas? Thanks (:

Don’t start by introducing the book and the character – if you do, make it snappy like in once sentence, simply: “This essay will examine Simon from Lord of the Flies” – this isn’t a book report and professors will always tell you that you should not include a summary.

If you can think of one more attribute of what Simon represents aside from faith and morality) you can make a really great essay – what else does Simon represent? He represents innocence, he represents all that is good in society – initially what is the allegory of Lord of the Flies? Simon is the voice of reason while all others turn to barbarism and lose their sense of innocence, returning to society as barbarians.

Thus, if you can thinkof a third thing that Simon represents, you have your three body paragraphs – those are usually the hardest things to come up with when writing an essay. So you can think of a thesis something like, “While all others turn to barbarism in Lord of the Flies Simon does not, and maintains his faith, morality and innocence throughout the novel.” And then use those as your topic sentences – 1 – show how someone else does not maintain his faith – show how Simon does – 2 – show how someone else loses all morality – show how Simon doesn’t – 3 – show how someone loses innocence – show how Simon doesn’t (a great one to show the loss of innocence would be the killing scene, as there is a great dialogue to which the killer himself (was it Ralph?) realizes that he is exhilerated due to the fact that he has outsmarted another living thing, rather than simply helping his friends survive).