How to structure a comparison essay in History?

How to structure a comparison essay in History?
it’s comparing sources of representations of history (world war 2 evacuation)
so reliability, usefulness, bias etc is important.

how should i strucutre the essay if i have 1/2 an hour to write it in class?

Your Introduction includes an hypothesis and an antithesis (or two hypotheses, if you like).
You speak of source materials you will have used in researching each of these hypotheses.

In the body of the paper you give as close to equal space to the two arguments as posited above.

In the conclusion you produce a ‘synthesis’ which shows you know your subject matter, and source material well enough to state your own opinion as to which of the two hypotheses is closer to reality. You need not be 100% in favour of either one, however.

This is at variance with other assignments in that usually one thesis is all that is anticipated in an Introduction. The synthesis (Conclusion) at the end, usually shows how you feel you have made your case.