How to study for AP English Lang? I don’t know anything!?

How to study for AP English Lang? I don’t know anything!?
I’m so bad at AP English and I always get the questions wrong for prep book M/C. I think I’ll do okay on the essays but generally I’m so bad at interpreting English stuff. Can anyone recommend the best prep book to me and give advice of how to pass if I’m not that good with AP level English stuff? I currently use Princeton Review and 5 steps to a 5’s “500 Q’s to know by test day.” So far I’ve been getting like only 30% of the multiple choice questions right from my prep books and it’s so discouraging :[

The Princeton Review is my absolute favorite review book for all AP classes. English is not my strongest subject, but the thing is practice and memorization. At the back of the Princeton Review there is a massive list of vocabulary and literary terms that you should know, especially the ones about parallelism. Also, find the essay questions on the College Board AP site and practice outlining those with a thesis statement, two or three subtopics, and evidence to support these subtopics from personal experience and things you’ve read.
For multiple choice, I think about 50% is passing, and you really just have to practice these as well, because if you understand how they write the questions it’s easier to figure out what they want you to answer.