How to survive college applications?

How to survive college applications?
I’m a senior next year. College apps! Help! I’m gonna die! Any advice? I’m applying to:
a few others.


Get your essays out of the way this summer. You’ll likely have the regular essay, plus supplemental essays for the individual colleges you’re applying to. Since the essays are the most stressful, time consuming part of the application process, it’s best to get those out of the way before you even fill out an application. Check out the Common Application. Most schools accept it, and it means only having to fill out one standard application. You’ll still need to fill out the supplements, but this saves you a lot of time an energy. Everything is in one place, and you can even use it for your essays (just remember to change the school names in said essays). Also, if you have a first choice school, consider applying early decision/early action. Be aware of any and all deadlines, and get everything in as early as possible so you can focus on graduating. Aim to get all of your applications out by the end of October if possible. Yes, the deadline is much later, but getting them done early means a lot less stress for you (other than waiting for answers). Good luck!