How to write a 250 word Essay ?

How to write a 250 word Essay ?
I need to write a 250 Essay I know what I’m writing about. I want to know any paragraphs should I make ? How many sentences in each paragraph ?

A normal sentence is probably 8-10 words, depending on your style. That means you can write about 30 sentences for a 250 word essay.If you break those sentences into 5 paragraphs, you will have 5 or 6 sentences per paragraph.
How you break your essay into paragraphs depends on how you build your argument. You will certainly need a strong opening paragraph and a conclusion. In the other 3 or 4 paragraphs, you can support your topic sentence with facts and evidence. Before your conclusion, you might write a “pre-conclusion” paragraph which ties things together.

Don’t forget that paragraph divisions have a reason. How many paragraphs you write will be determined by logical breaks in your writing. When you finish with a subject, start a new paragraph.