How to write a 5 paragraph essay?

How to write a 5 paragraph essay?
With the topic ‘With my current standing in this first year mathematics course, have I chosen the diploma tract that best suits my own goals and abilities?”

I don’t know how to start it off please help me.

Five paragraph essays follow this format:

1. Introduction
2. Support paragraph 1
3. Support paragraph 2
4. Support paragraph 3
5. Conclusion

First you have to answer your question. Once you have an answer find 3 ways to support your answer. For example, if the question was “Which is better: Dogs or Cats?” I might say Dogs because 1. They are good for protection 2. They are more affectionate 3. You can play games with them. Then you take each point and write a paragraph supporting that.

The introduction paragraph is really important. Be sure to state you thesis and how you intend to answer it. Each of the 5 paragraphs follows the same structure: Introduction sentence, body, concluding sentence that leads into the next paragraph.