how to write a 5 paragraph essay about myself?

how to write a 5 paragraph essay about myself?
my English teacher asked me to write a 5paragraph essay about myself! and and my 3 topics are being a happy person, how i love learning, and how i like spending time with my family! please help me!!!with my work!!thank you!!

Well you have your three topics and there isn’t too much more work to be done after that other than the actual writing. Use the first paragraph as your introduction paragraph by introducing yourself and be sure to include your three topics in the last or next to last sentence of the paragraph. For your paragraph about how you are a happy person describe what it is that makes you happy such as helping out others or maybe spending time being around your friends. Just try to think of a few things that make you happy and describe them in a few sentences. Next what do you love learning? Describe your favorite subjects in school or maybe even mention a favorite book that you have enjoyed reading and something that you may have learned from it. Next describe what you do with your family. Maybe you have a large extended family that gets together to eat once a week and it’s always a fun time or possibly you just enjoy playing board games or sports with them. Lastly just finish up with a short summary of everything you have just said and leave it with something unique about yourself.

Five paragraph essays aren’t meant to be long, usually only a page or two at the most. Just spend a few minutes thinking on each of your topics and you will be fine.