how to write a acceptance winning college essay?

how to write a acceptance winning college essay?
I will be going into junior year of high school this fall but regardless I want to start working on my college essay, I want to apply to some of the best schools and I want to get started. I am VERY interested in Neuroscience and am a current volunteer at a medical center and eventually want to become a researcher, author and a neurosurgeon with a PhD. I also have Epilepsy I do not have seizures anymore and when I did they were not terrible ones but I DO have the disease. Is this a good topic? What the heck should I write it about? How long should it be? A few pages? I am trying to write I perfect essay here and a good one, one that will help me get into Columbia, not necessarily win me admission but one that will really move the admissions team. The only help I really need is what I should write it on.

First of all the fact that you are applying early will show them that you dont waste time! Colleges want to hear about your good work ethic and how you apply it to everyday life. They want to see if you have good character and that you are a self driven individual! Include overcoming your struggles with epilepsy in your everyday life, they will eat that **** up! Make it as unique as possible! Go to, they have REALLY GOOD TIPS too! Hope this helps ya! Good luck in your future, it looks bright already!