How to write a book analysis?

How to write a book analysis?
For summer reading I need to write a book analysis on a book and I chose Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, but my teacher did not explain how to write one.
All I know is that you need to take it apart and write about it.. but I’m not sure exactly what you write about… help please?

Write what the book is about without retelling the story. You assume the reader of your essay has already read the book and you are providing an explanation.

You should have three things: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The introduction is where you assert your idea on what the book is about; i.e. lost love, self discovery, surviving the conditions, etc. I have not read your book, what is the author trying to illustrate about being human in the characters conditions?

The body is where you provide evidence of your assertion. You write that: in this chapter this happened and it demonstrates the idea asserted. In this part of the book, this happens because of that and this shows the assertion made.

In the conclusion you can agree with or even disagree with the author. Maybe the author is illustrating an idea about humanity that you disagree.

On 3×5 cards write individual ideas you have about the book, then read them all and sort them in order that propels your ideas. For example, the fourth idea you write may make a great opening statement in the introduction. First write out all your ideas, second, organize your essay, and third write it so it flows from one idea to the next. After 24 hours, read it and edit it so it sounds better.