How to write a brief essay?

How to write a brief essay?
I have to write a brief essay describing the geography of the Indus River.
I’ve never written an essay before ):
I dunno what to do.
I don’t want you guys to do it for me but give me the general idea of how to write an essay.

An essay is made into 3 parts.

– Main paragraph: Explaining the point of your essay and different topics you will talk about

– Body paragraphs: The following paragraphs are usually 3 or more. Sometimes it can just be 1 or 2 if it’s a short essay. These paragraphs are all separated talking about different topics. The topics you mentioned in your ‘Main paragraph’.

– Conclusion: This is your last paragraph which sums it all up. The end of your essay.

*Every paragraph has a -Topic sentence: 1st sentence of the paragraph. Every sentence in your paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.

*Each Paragraph should be about 5 or more sentences long. However, The ‘Main Paragraph’ & ‘Conclusion’ only has to have 3-5 sentences, unless you want to write a little more.

My teacher once told me, Think of your essay as a sandwich. The bread is the ‘Main Paragraph’ & ‘Conclusion’ (light simple descriptions) And the meat is the ‘Body Paragraphs’ (Detailed Info)

Well I hope I helped!