How to Write a Character Analysis Essay?

How to Write a Character Analysis Essay?
i have to write a character analysis essay for language arts. I was wondering how many paragraphs it has to be and what goes into each paragraph.

A character analysis essay is usually 3 paragraphs, but it can be more depending on which year level are you [High school…?], the character, and many other factors. You might want to ask your teacher whether writing more than 3 paragraphs is allowed in your case, as character analysis can be quite long as it gets harder! Going on the 3 paragraphs for a character analysis essay, you have a para. for the introduction, one the body [where your main information goes], and a conclusion.

In the introduction you should introduce the character you are analysing about. You can write a direct introduction about the character and where he/she/it comes from, but you will still need to go into a bit more detail, otherwise your introduction will be too short.
For example, if you had to analyse about Harry Potter [I’m sure you know who he is ^_^] besides his name and where does he come from, you should also write that he’s a wizard and where’s he’s studying and so on.

The 2nd paragraph is the most important [and longest!] in your whole essay so you have to work hard on it. Obviously what you have to do is to analyze the character. In the previous example where I used Harry Potter, state his personality, his ability to use magic, etc. You will need to use examples to support your statements by showing examples from the book or film.
I did come across this mistake everytime I write an analysis-related essay. When writing an analysis essay, you shouldn’t get your personal opinions in the way. The writer [You] is analysing the character based on the book or film. For example, if you think personally that Harry Potter is lousy at riding a broomstick, you shouldn’t be writing that in your essay. It is evident that Harry Potter is a good flyer based on numerous events in the Harry Potter series.

Last paragraph is the conclusion [I find this the easiest part to do!] where you will need to conclude your essay and summarise what your have wrote in the body [2nd paragraph]. You can also write a sentence or two by summarising the introduction paragraph, but I wouldn’t recommend that if your paragraph is too long. Your conclusion should not be longer than your introduction paragraph, and it also should not be too short either. I prefer about 5-9 sentences for the conclusion, depending how much you have wrote in your introduction paragraph.

Good luck! ^_^