How to write a college essay by answering your own question?

How to write a college essay by answering your own question?
I am writing a college essay, and I dont know how to start it, We have to write our own question and answer it.
My question is
“Why do you want to study at a particular college or University”

I just want to know good tips on how to structure it . What could we include or not. Could we use the word “I”.

Pretend you’re writing a question here. Then pretend you’ve come along and are answering it! Not a very difficult exercise, I responded to just such a question yesterday. Conventional essay form will do, no reason to reinvent the wheel (though you may want to avoid cliches, lol). And by all means, use the word “I” when you’re talking about yourself! Or whatever pronouns are appropriate.

“High school students stand on the border between childhood and adulthood. The decisions that we make today will affect us for many years to come.”

“Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by things that blink. Calculators, computers, Christmas lights.”

“The reasons applicants express a preference for one school over another may seem idiosyncratic, even puzzling. Students may base their choices on the political atmosphere at a campus, or the number of smokers, or other factors that seem immaterial to the education they hope to receive. Yet in speaking to adults about their college choices, I have found that most of them are satisfied with the choice they made. Why is this? Is it that most schools are good, and, given a reasonable academic match, students will have a satisfying experience anywhere? Or are there important intangibles in the college experience, differences of atmosphere and vision and affinity that aren’t reflected in dry statistics like average SAT scores or the percentage of graduates who earn PhD’s?”