How to write a college essay/resume or examples?

How to write a college essay/resume or examples?
I’m currently a senior and it’s about that time to start applying to college’s. I went to my guidance office today to see if they had any information on how to write a college essay or resume but they didn’t have anything. I’ve also looked around on google but haven’t really found any good examples or tips on how to write these.
– thank you for your time


You have two options: writing from scratch or using a template. Since you are a senior in high school, I recommend using a template (more details below).

However, if you choose writing from scratch, here are the sections i recommend: Professional Summary, Education, Work Experience, Skills (computer, language, etc), and volunteer experience.

For the professional experience section, you may choose not to include one.

With both the work experience and education, list your jobs and educations from the most recent job and school you went to and work your way backwards.

I updated an company’s resume database for two summer in a row and the sections above are what i saw the most. Later, if you still have questions, try going to (they have really good resume advice and templates). Or you could try googling “resume templates” for resume templates.

I hope this helps.