how to write a college paper?

how to write a college paper?
well i use to be a good writer but i started to over think how to write and now I can’t even write a simple pagraph. I need advice on how to write college papers. when i first started i got A’s. On my last paper i got a 68 and he TA said i would have gotten B if i had answered the second question. But I felt the second wouldn’t got with my thesis so i didn’t answer it. I really need help and advice on how to write a paper from other college students.

Thank you so much

First of all, there is no one answer, because there is no single format for “a college paper”.

As the first poster said, you *must* do the given assignment; you can’t simply ignore it because it’s not what you felt like writing about.
Second, choose a format for your paper that matches the given problem: essay, character outline, research paper, etc.
Third, make an outline of the points you intend to raise, with notes on how you want to handle them. When I was in college, I used to put these on note cards, so I could rearrange them as I did my research. These days, I simply swap lines in an on-line document.
As for the overall attack, the first poster is very correct about the campus writing center. You almost certainly have one. Visit it: these people know your school’s writing standards, and are particularly focused on helping you to succeed there.