how to write a comparative essay?

how to write a comparative essay?

Oooo, I hate those…..

Anyways, I’ll assume you’re comparing 2 things (topics).

So, for the intro, write a lead that relates to both topics you’re comparing. Your thesis statement should do that too. As you outline your criteria (in the intro), your best bet would be to jump back and forth between the two topics ex. criterion 1 topic 1, criterion 1 topic 2, criterion 2 topic 1, criterion 2 topic 2, etc. Each topic would have a separate sentence, so if you have 2 topics and 2 criteria, you would have 4 sentences. Then write a sentence to conclude your intro, but make sure it flows right into the essay. This sentence should relate to all your criteria.

For the body: Each paragraph is pretty much structured the same way. You would have a separate paragraph for each criterion. There’s a sentence that introduces the criterion. Then you write something that will relate the criterion to both your topics. Then, once again, jump back and forth between your topics. ex. topic 1 point 1, proof 1, explanation 1, then topic 2 point 1, proof 1, explanation 1, etc. Make sure that each time you compare, you compare them to the same subtopic of your criterion. Add a concluding sentence to the paragraph but make sure that it relates to your thesis statements.

The conclusion is somewhat similar to your introduction. You have a sentence that restates your thesis statement. Then your criteria is restated, but this time, you don’t need a separate sentence for each topic. ex, 2 topics, 2 criteria = 2 sentences. Finally, a concluding general statement that summarizes the subject of your essay.

Good LUCK!! 😀