how to write a comparative essay????

how to write a comparative essay????
sooo confused!!!
too many forms of essay >.< ANSWER Here's the easiest way to write a comparative essay (a bit long, but) Write a (simple) 2-3 body paragraphs for an essay on one of the topics (say you're comparing and contrasting Hamlet and Macbeth.) Write an essay on Hamlet (2-3 body paragraphs, one for each main point you are comparing) Now, go in and write a paragraph on each point but base it on Macbeth. In these paragraphs you're going to draw on what you wrote about Hamlet -- point out the similarities, point out the differences. Now, go back and write your intro and your conclusion based on what you ended up putting in the body paragraphs. As I said, a little bit more work, maybe, but it's fool-proof.