How to write a comparative essay on poetry?

How to write a comparative essay on poetry?
Im writing 6-way poem comparative essay, and i have no idea how to start.
Here are the poems I am comparing
Infant joy
Infant Sorrow – both by William Blake
Prayer Before birth by Louis MacNeice
You’re by Silvia Plath
Once Upon A time by Gabriel Okara
Piano by DH Lawrence
I have to write about prayer before birth, once upon a time and piano in more depth than the rest
how do i start?
the question i am supposed to answer is how these poems present infancy
algijaef HOW

figure out the main idea of what each poem is trying to say. what is the main attitude or feeling conveyed in each poem?

you may find the poems present unique perspectives on infancy that differ from the other poems. for example, they use different voices. one may be in the voice of an older person speaking to an infant. another may be the voice of someone reflecting on his own infancy. the other may be in the voice of an infant.

examine these differences. it may help to make a small quick table where you can list out these differences (and similarities). organise your essay by making each paragraph about 1 comparative factor (e.g. one paragraph on voice, another paragraph on word choice, tone, line length…)

hope this helps as a starting point. good luck.