How to write a comparative essay?

How to write a comparative essay?
Can anyone give me a guide or some pointers on how to write a comparative essay? I thought I was good at writing essays but my teacher recently slapped me down with a 45%; I was completely traumatized and feel I need to really go back to the basics. Thanks a lot.

Before I get into the comparative essay bit, just know that you can go to teacher and ask why you got a 45%. That would help you out on your next essay. You might get some ideas on what needs improvement: is it a problem with organization?; research and development?; insight and originality?

Anyway, a basic comparative essay can be organized like so:

Introduction (with clearly stated thesis)
Tell how the topics are similar
Tell how the topics are different

Note that each of the above can be more than one paragraph. But depending on the subject, you may find it easier to organize like this:

Introduction (with clearly stated thesis)
Discuss the first topic
Discuss the second topic (focusing on the differences or similarities from the first)
Discuss how both are similar or different from one another, depending on what you did with the previous paragraph.

Again, depending on your topic, you may need to add sections in the essay for background information. The key, though, is to always have support and details. All the information in your body paragraphs should tie back to your thesis statement.

If you give me some more info on a specific topic you’re writing about, I can help you out some more.