How to write a comparative study Essay?

How to write a comparative study Essay?
How to write a comparative study Essay???
I have this assignment from skool and its to write a comparative study essay of two books ( Miss Julie, Romeo and Juliet) and i don’t know how to write it i mean what to mention in my essay or what to compare
should i deal with a certain problem mentioned in both books
any tips???? help me pleaZe!!!:S

The easiest way is to start with what the 2 books have in common. Never read Miss Julie but just read some sparksnotes on it and love is the main common thing I think. Start from the beginning and in your introduction give a very very brief idea of what the 2 stories are about, then in the last sentence say something about how they are very different even though they share some elements. Each paragraph should focus on one element but have examples from each book. A good one for your first body paragraph is contrasting the main characters. Just keep both books handy and more and more things will come to you.