how to write a compare and contrast essay ?

how to write a compare and contrast essay ?
ok so i have to write a comapre and contrast essay about 2 pros.
1.shawn mceachern
2.ruthie bolton holifield

i have no idea who the heck those people are
i will do some research on them
but i have a short interviews/stories about them and i have ot compare their personal lives, like family educations, where they grew up etc… their career what they earned and how it ended

so will something like this work
in the introduction i will write what is about like a generalization that will lead ot the body paragraphs one of the body paragraphs will be the comparasin and the other the contrast and then the conclusion

Yeah, pretty much although you should have one paragraph for each person. For example:

– Intro – Purpose for the paper/comparison — basically your thesis
– Paragraph about Person A
– Paragraph about Person B
– Paragraph about the commonalities between Persons A & B
– Conclusion – This will be similar to your intro paragraph as you will restate your thesis. It’s easy if you state the main difference between the two and then the most significant similarity to tie it all together.

Good luck!