How to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay on empathy?

How to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay on empathy?
I’ve always been terrible at conclusions and at this point I’m having complete writer’s block. The thesis of my essay basically says that past experiences affect our level of empathy. The two body paragraphs were based on Slim from Of Mice and Men and Juror #9 in 12 Angry Men if it matters.

Hi Bubbles,

I just did what i could to help you out with your conclusion and i hope it helps you.

Normally empathy is underestimated. We should give importance to encourage every single individual from the primary level of understanding to matured state of mind to become empathic, so that they can express their joy, agony and explore their abilities to tackle desperate situations in future. We all have a little bit of empathy in us and past experiences surely affect our level of empathy in analyzing current situations, resolving them to perfection. It’s better to express yourself then build a mountain of volcano inside. This would change the world and bring a positive experience and effect.

This was just a theme of your conclusion paragraph – Do let me know about the progress of your essay. Best of luck Bubbles.